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Written Interview with Anette Bohm | KBC Bank

Interview: Talent Management and Digitization in HR

In the run-up to the hybrid event summit Rethink! HR Tech Europe we spoke with Anette Bohm, Senior General Manager Group HR (CHRO) at KBC Bank & Verzekeringen about talent management and digitization in HR.

Anette Bohm will be taking the stage on November 30th, 2020 to speak about the implementation of a global learning and job matching experience platform at KBC and how AI is transforming the Employee Experience.

we.CONECT: Which HR digitization project you or your company have implemented in the past makes you particularly proud? Why?

Anette Bohm: Our company is going through a major transformation. We are digitizing our bank and services offers for the customers. So do we in HR. We invest into digitizing our HR offer. We are extremely proud that all the investments we do go along with an improved employee experience. For example, we built a digital butler that comes on top of all sophisticated backoffice systems and allows our employees to only work and see the data that are relevant for them.

we.CONECT: In your keynote at Rethink! HR Tech Europe you will talk about the new Learning and Job Matching Experience Platform at KBC and the learnings from implementing an AI-driven HR-project. What does the platform have to offer?

Anette Bohm: Our Stipple Learning and Matching platform is our latest and for sure most successful HR development. As said, we are a company in business transformation. Our business transformation requires the creation of new jobs and development of new skills. Our company made the courageous choice to rather reskill our current staff than to hire new people.

This is why we invested in the development of our Stipple platform. It allows us to give clear guidance to our staff on what skills we consider important skills of the future as well as to provide them with learning offers.

You can ask yourself: So what? What is new about all this? Our AI capabilities provide us with the opportunity to individualize our offers to the need of each single individual. The matching possibility goes even one step further. An employee can develop himself/herself also for other jobs than his own job and put himself/herself foreward as a relevant candidate.

we.CONECT: In your opinion, what is the key innovation in talent management that is essential for a successful digital transformation?

Anette Bohm: We can reach more people much faster due to technology. Take the example of our Learning platform. In the past, we were highly relying on either the manager and/or the employee, and in the best case the two of them, to initiate the digital transformation process. Our Learning platform provides the top with the possibility to push important trainings directly to all staff and to even follow up to what extent actions are taken. Our Learning platform is closely interlinked with our Progression Management systems and includes strong reporting features.

we.CONECT: What was the greatest difficulty you encountered with implementing AI technology? Were you able to overcome it?

Anette Bohm: GDPR and privacy issues are the biggest challenge we face. Our headquarter is based in Belgium (strong unions) and the banking sector is highly regulated. The hurdles can only be overcome by explaining again and again what you will do with the data.

we.CONECT: Thank you very much for this interview! We look forward to hear more on the topic of growth, learning, and the challenges of implementing HR tech during your presentation.

Join Anette Bohm at this year’s hybrid edition of Rethink! HR Tech Europe – the top-level networking summit for CHROs and HR decision-makers on HR Tech strategies & New Work.

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