Rethink! HR Tech Europe is a unique event in the industry & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support our partners to reach their targets and inspire innovation. This vision is shared by a select group of partners at our highest quality events with the most elite audience. Position your business as a thought leader at Rethink! HR Tech Europe. Join our 2018 partners today!

Our USPs for your business:

  • One2One Sessions with top decision makers
  • Attendees will be qualified before and personally invited to the event (meet decision-makers responsible for six to seven digit budgets)
  • hubs 101 Matching Platform
  • The Multi-Touchpoint Concept: 15+ Opportunities to present your products and solutions.

The i.CONECT 360° Multi-Touchpoint Sessions

Present your product and services to an exclusive decision maker audience – your opportunities at the Rethink! HR Tech Europe 2018:

  • Presentation of solution studies and best practices to an audience of 150+ top-level executives
  • Live discussion rounds regarding your solutions in World Café, Workshop, Challenge Your Peers and Icebreaker Sessions
  • Technology and App presentation in real-time
  • In-depth conversation with qualified decision makers in a personal and private setting.

The Rethink! HR TEch Europe 2018 – the leading strategy event for CHROs and HR decision-makers. Our participants have a 6-7 digit budget at their disposal and are constantly looking for new projects and challenges. The i.CONECT 360° Format has been developed with solution providers, consultancies and technology partners in mind and provides a time-efficient and productive business environment.

Business Partner 2018

At metaBeratung, we put our focus on the individual’s personality. We support companies and individuals in making the right decisions for their career – be it in selection or development. With our latest research on Agile Leadership​ together with IMD Business School Lausanne, Switzerland, we provide answers as to what matters in leadership in order to successfully navigate choppy waters in times of digital disruption.


Glint is the people success platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Leading brands like United, Intuit, and Sky leverage Glint’s unique combination of intuitive design, sophisticated analytics, and actionable intelligence to help employees be happier and more successful at work. For more information, please visit www.glintinc.com.


Lumesse is a global leader in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management solutions. Our next generation recruitment application TalentLink, helps organizations develop a powerful, innovative strategy to find, attract and engage the best candidates. With our open platform ‘eco-system’ model we empower clients to build a solution which works for them now, and scales with them in the future.

The fully configurable and adaptive User Interface gives users an experience of fluid and simple navigation throughout their recruiting processes and using machine learning tailors to the individual the more they use it. As a pure SAAS solution, TalentLink is intuitive, feature rich, fully mobile enabled and built with the user in mind. It supports Enterprise organizations in all industries to implement their smart search, dynamic job distribution, passive candidate engagement and predictive analytics.

With a customer base of more than 1.200 organizations worldwide Lumesse are a truly global partner, offering the solution in more than 30 languages across 70 countries.


A leading innovator in Applied Big Data cloud technology, Visier provides Workforce Intelligence solutions that are enabling a rapidly growing number of the world’s best brands to maximize their business outcomes through their people. Visier’s solutions let organizations understand and plan — with precision — how to best and most cost-effectively recruit, retain, and develop their workforce. With Visier, senior leaders, HR, and people managers alike can answer key workforce questions, align on goals and strategies, and act on decisions and plans to drive improved business outcomes. Visier does this by providing complete pre-built solutions in the cloud as a service that leverage Visier’s innovative multi-dimensional, in memory technology to provide capabilities otherwise not possible.


Hogan Assessments challenged decades of academic tradition and criticism to become the first to demonstrate personality’s impact on organizational success, pioneering the use of personality assessment to improve workplace performance. Founded in 1987 by Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan, Hogan leads the world in personality assessment and leadership development. With products and services in 56 countries and 47 languages, what began as a small startup has evolved into the industry leader serving more than half of the Fortune 500: www.hoganassessments.com


Founded in 2007, Target Recruitment & HR Solutions (S.A.E) has fast become one of Egypt’s most trusted and recognized HR services agencies.

Our Services:

  • Recruitment: Our team takes a proactive approach to recruitment, with an emphasis on communicating equally with the client as well as with possible candidates to get a deeper understanding of their experience and their career ambitions, making any hire a win-win for both the employer and employee.


  • Outsourcing & Payroll processing: we offer highly professional services based on strategic partnerships with clients.
    – Company wide payroll services within 5 working days.
    – Full access to the Egyptian Government’s Social Insurance
    – Network, allowing Target to arrange for medical and social insurance coverage.
    – Different categories of employees as require.
    – Comprehensive insurance services, manufacturing safety protocols and transportation services.


  • Global Staffing
    – Issuing work permits and visas.
    -In-country orientation, airport pickups, fast-track, and full accommodation services.
    -Round the clock health, safety and security support.

-Emergency Response 24-Hour Contractor Hotline.

-Pre-move and relocation assistance services.


Arctic Shores is a global provider of behaviourial assessments that deliver meaningful, job-relevant insights about people. Using neuroscience, artificial intelligence and game technology, we are helping employers make better people decisions and people make better career decisions. Hiring and career progression decisions are no longer dependent on the resume and the focus can shift to talent potential rather than experience, privilege or seniority.

By combining a validated psychometric methodology with machine-learning and game design, Arctic Shores provide a powerful solution to complement human intuition in the hiring process. We deliver game-changing improvements in candidate quality and retention by producing reliable, data-driven, and objective candidate screenings.


We are Enboarder, a technology company that helps employers create relevant, engaging and personalised onboarding experiences for all new hires. We believe that onboarding needs to be much more than simply form completion, task management and compliance, and we’ve built a tool that is helping to change onboarding for good.

We empower HR to create and deliver super engaging, mobile ready content for new hires, whilst virtually coaching their hiring managers through the onboarding process. Since 2016 we have grown from a small Sydney based company to a global organisation with offices in Sydney, London and Austin, Texas. We are very proud to be supporting some world leading employers including McDonalds, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Danone, ING and many more in delivering employee experiences that WOW.

Our customers have transformed their onboarding experience for strategic competitive advantage, and are successfully using Enboarder to engage new hires, reduce attrition, predict flight risks and even power referrals and social employee advocacy.


The English Quiz is a modern and flexible online English language assessment solution designed to meet the diverse screening needs of international corporations. The English Quiz’s SaaS platform offers a vast portfolio of over 20 ready-made English skills tests that are rapidly deployed.

Our easy-to-use, modular tool allows HR professionals to assess only the English skills they require and features:

  • CEFR-graded results
  • Intuitive administration dashboard
  • Rapid reporting and actionable insights
  • Branding to support corporate identity
  • Integration-ready
  • Customization

The English Quiz enhances the corporate assessment process by providing real-life English language performance indicators that help corporations make informed decisions for recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development.


We’re a team of new technology enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide companies, who aspire to grow, with a tool that allows them to reach qualified specialists in the simplest and most convenient way. And this is how Hello Astra came into being. Hello Astra is a talent acquisition and management platform powered by artificial intelligence that provides a simple way to significantly improve the recruitment process in your company! It is the answer to the question, how to improve candidate targeting and the overall quality of recruiting communication. By automatically scanning candidate profiles for the desired job skills, Hello Astra instantly pinpoints the most extraordinary talents. On top of that, our AI powered chatbot mobile app lets you get in touch with candidates immediately, keep them actively engaged throughout the recruitment process and updated on the information from your company, while also allowing you to keep a warm and engaged database of candidates ready for hire. All of these features will help your company save time and money on recruiting, while at the same time improving the quality of your hires and increasing company reputation on the job market. Hello Astra also has all of the necessary processes for GDPR compliance!


A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people.


With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 37,900 employees, and external revenue of 6.9 billion euros (2017), T-Systems is one of the world’s leading vendor independent providers of digital services headquartered in Europe. T-Systems is partnering its customers as they address the digital transformation, offering integrated solutions: from the secure operation of legacy systems and classical ICT services, the transition to cloud-based services up to new business models and innovation projects in the Internet of Things. T-Systems provides all this thanks to its global reach in fixed-network and mobile communications, its highly secure data centers, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem built around standardized platforms and global partnerships, and the ability to offer top levels of security.

One of T-Systems’ strategic topics is the transformation of HR Processes along customer needs.
T-Systems digitizes HR processes – from Core HR and Talent Management solutions up to HR Process Tools – and provides seamless integration into the IT Landscape. For operational excellence through a transformed user experience and innovative combinations of the best applications on the market.


For HR professionals, CTOs and founders, Honeypot is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to find skilled developers.

Before founding Honeypot, we were just like you: tired of trawling through CVs, frustrated by direct outreach, bored of job postings. Annoyed by these inefficiencies, we built a platform which connects developers and companies directly, giving transparency and speed to both sides. To give you an example, developers on Honeypot have a 90% response rate and it takes an average of 15 days to make a hire.

Today, Honeypot is Europe’s leading developer-focused job platform, serving Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Amsterdam and London.

The only question that remains: are you ready to join us on our mission to get every developer a great job?


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